Thank you to everyone who entered our Raffle or just made a donation for your support of the Move over AwaReness Campaign (M.A.R.C) and me as I continue to educate the public about the move over law. I am trying my hardest to save lives. The Police Officers Brotherhood and I have teamed up to raise funds for this very important cause and this raffle is just one example  as we continue to support the Move over AwaReness Campaign and Educate the public.

Our Winner Tina Pilot was very excited to find out she had been chosen and won the raffle. Tina also happens to be finishing up one of her final rounds of chemo therapy and she has been very tired and sad, but winning made her feel so happy, I think god sent these tickets to the right person. We are very glad that this raffle was able to touch someone who really deserves to feel happy and have a good time attending the Giants and Dallas game. Best of luck to her.

Anyone interested in giving us continued support can give a donation at the button below. Your support is appreciated and needed in order for me to continue to educate the public and our young adults throughout the country. Your donations are helping us to spread the word as I educate high school students by traveling to schools throughout this country while making presentations about the move over law to those young adults who have earned the privilege to drive! 



Please continue to support our education to the public  of the move over law by donating below


This Page is setup compliments of the Police Officers Brotherhood to help Donna Setaro for the Move over AwaReness Campaign